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Public Transport Wait Times

Started by verbatim9, February 04, 2021, 18:53:23 PM

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Not surprising sadly, when what should really be 1 frequent bus route is 4 crap ones instead.


9 News --> Public transport data reveals commuter patterns and challenges residents face in Australia's biggest cities

QuoteBrisbane commuters suffer the longest waits for public transport out of all of Australia's biggest cities, new research has found.
On average, Brisbane riders wait 12 minutes for their bus, train, tram or ferry to arrive.
Melburnians are typically left waiting 11 minutes, with Sydney and Adelaide residents enjoying the shortest wait times, just 10 minutes. ...

... Moovit did not have data for Perth, Canberra, Hobart or Darwin.

Half baked projects, have long term consequences ...
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There's some good data in this analysis, although I'd be curious to see how they actually got it (and whether it is a representative sample of travel habits).

It shows that Brisbane is still yet to move away from a hub-and-spoke city-based model which suits a city of ~1 million (like say Adelaide) to a transfer-based model which Sydney & Melbourne use. Very few people are actually transferring, and it shows in the longer wait times caused by the current model (and low frequency rail).

It is also interesting to see that the average walk to PT in Brisbane is (just) second highest in the nation. Despite the fact we have bus stops everywhere and rockets to everybody's doorstep, this might indicate a trend towards people walking towards more frequent and reliable services (BUZ & rail) in preference to catching the local P-rocket which stops 50m from home.

Alas, no appetite for change until Metro comes along. COVID would have been a good opportunity to gut the network as nobody was using it / your loss aversion was down on normal. Oh well.
Is it really that hard to run frequent, reliable public transport?

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