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Author Topic: Suggestion for Mount Isa Urban Bus service  (Read 517 times)

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Suggestion for Mount Isa Urban Bus service
« on: September 11, 2020, 08:10:19 AM »
Presently no urban bus services for Mount Isa.

Mount Isa Coaches operates coaches for various services (not urban bus) https://www.mountisacoaches.com.au

Suggestion received for the establishment of urban bus services for Mount Isa


Here is our proposed idea for TransLink urban bus service in the Mt Isa area. It would be great to see TransLink provide services to this large western Queensland city. And perhaps show a commitment to support regional areas of Queensland.

With a population of over 23,000 people, Mt Isa is definitely is deserving a public transport network.

The idea is based around Mt Isa Coaches operating this service (being the largest bus operator in the Mount Isa area). And to do so will require 5 low floor type buses. 

Currently there are a number of re-engine ex-gas Scania Volgren buses for sale with almost 5 years of urban life left.  If 3 of these where purchased and 2 new low floor vehicles the start-up cost would be a lot cheaper. Instead of (est.)$2,400,000 for 5 new buses it would only be (est.) $900,000 for 2 new and 3 second hand buses. This would also allow passenger numbers to be monitored and in 5 years when these buses cannot operate urban routes any longer a decision can be made to purchase smaller midi type buses or full size 12.5m buses.

Scania Volgren 2nd hand buses: https://www.bussalesonline.com.au/buses-for-sale/entry/55/

We have designed the timetable to operate during weekdays to cover most typical working days (arriving Isa CBD 7am to 5pm departing Isa CBD).

Mount Isa Network will require a bus interchange (or a large bus stop) built at perhaps Camooweal St with a driver facility (toilets and meal room).

Attached is route maps, timetable and driver shifts.

Route 1

Serving Happy Valley, Parkside, Mt Isa CBD, Mt Isa Hospital.
Duel direction service looping anticlockwise at Brillant St. Also looping clockwise at Landy St.

Route 2

Serving Healy, Mornington, Mt Isa CBD.
Duel direction service looping anticlockwise at Thompson Rd.

Route 3

Serving Sunset, Pioneer, Town View, Mt Isa CBD.
Dual direction service looping anticlockwise at Sunset Dr.

Route 4

Serving Mt Isa Airport, Lanskey, Soldiers Hill, Miles End, Mt Isa CBD.
Dual direction service.

Suggested timetable  --> https://backontrack.org/docs/bus/mount_isa/mtisatt.xlsx

Suggesed driver shifts --> https://backontrack.org/docs/bus/mount_isa/mtisashifts.pdf PDF 0.3 MB
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