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Frequency if the SC line had dual platforms at every station.

Started by Gazza, July 24, 2020, 15:55:04 PM

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Very simple question for our timetable gurus...If stations between Beerwah and Nambour had 2nd platforms, what frequency could you achieve?


Every SC Line station to Landsborough has 2 platforms.  They are also staffed from first to last service due to NGR requirements. 

The current timetabled crossing station during the off-peak/weekend period is Glasshouse Mtns, the inbound waiting a few minutes for the outbound to arrive.

North of Landsborough are basically 1 platform stations with crossing loops (except Nambour).

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Yeah i know all that, im asking what frequency would be achievable if every station had dual platforms.

I guess what im asking is, why couldn't you have a 30 min timetable and have crosses at Eudlo?

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