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Gloucester Docks (UK) and their Railways

Started by rogerfarnworth, May 19, 2020, 20:37:10 PM

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Neil Parkhouse, in one of his fantastic collections of colour photographs from the last decades of steam in Gloucestershire  (British Railway History in Colour) focusses on the Midland lines serving the docks, specifically three lines in the area - the Tuffley Loop; the High Orchard Branch; and the Hempsted or New Docks Branch. It may well be that in subsequent volumes in the series he will address the Western approaches to the docks, and I very much look forward to that being the case.

This thread is designed to cover the Railways of the Docks - the first post below is a general over view. Elsewhere I have posted about the ancient tramroad that first served the docks - it was a 3ft 6in gauge plateway which ran between Gloucester and Cheltenham - The Gloucester and Cheltenham Plateway.

The following posts on the thread will seek to follow the routes of the various branches and their sidings.



Correction to the text of the post. .....

The Western approaches to the docks were covered in the first volume of the series from Neil Parkhouse.


This second post in this series looks at the railways to the East of the Canal and Docks in Gloucester - The High Orchard Branch, the Hempsted Branch and the sidings associated with both these lines and the East side of the Docks. ...



This is the final installment of my look at the railways of Gloucester Docks. This article covers the western side of the docks and the upper reaches of the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal. ...


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