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Author Topic: Reference: Scheduled Weekday NGR services to/from Nambour (as of 2 March)  (Read 1078 times)

Offline Arnz

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Just for reference, the current scheduled NGR services to/from Nambour.  This is likely to be subject to change in a few months, as it's possible that more off-peak services to/from Nambour will get 'NGR-ed' down the track.

Peak services are likely fixed for the long term as the staff timetabling assumably involves paths between Woombye yard and Nambour.

5:38am Nambour to Ipswich
5:56am Nambour to Roma Street
6:38am Nambour to Ipswich
7:26am Nambour to Roma Street
12:08pm Nambour to Ipswich

10:03am Roma Street to Nambour (originating from Ipswich)
4:00pm Roma Street to Nambour
4:36pm Roma Street to Nambour
5:24pm Roma Street to Nambour
6:00pm Roma Street to Nambour

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Thank you Arnz  :-t
Tweeted for the record there too.
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Would anyone be able to confirm if these are still the services using the NGR trains? 


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