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Toowoomba - new intermodal terminal

Started by ozbob, November 02, 2018, 16:45:37 PM

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Couriermail --> InterLinkSQ: Deal puts Toowoomba closer to Brisbane Port rail link

QuoteA CONTAINER freight rail link between Toowoomba and Brisbane is a step closer with the signing of a multi-million dollar deal this week.

The Seaway Group signed an agreement with InterLinkSQ on Thursday to build and operate a new intermodal terminal on the 200-hectare site on Toowoomba's outskirts.

The site, 13km west of the city centre, is a prime strategic location which capitalises on freight requirements, as well as the Inland Rail when it begins.

The multi-million-dollar project will create an open access, intermodal terminal linking container freight customers in Toowoomba and the surrounding regions directly to the Port of Brisbane via rail.

Seaway's CEO Craig McElvaney said the company was excited to join with InterLinkSQ and bring the project to life.

"Seaway know regional rail through our Intermodal business in Merbein, Victoria (Mildura)," he said.

"Through that site we facilitate the movement of over 15,000 containers per annum by rail from the Sunraysia region to ports all around the world.

"The commodities are similar to Toowoomba, with fresh produce, grains, pulses, cotton and wine all featuring regularly.

"We will bring our knowledge and expertise of regional rail and logistics to Toowoomba and provide solutions for customers in the Darling Downs and other areas of Western Queensland.

"This is a long term project for our company and we believe in the success of the region".

InterLinkSQ's general manager Blair Batts said it was Seaway's regional success and experience that convinced him Seaway is the right partner.

"We really wanted to work with an Australian company and one that knew how to operate in a rural environment - Seaway ticked all the boxes," Mr Batts said.

"Our teams have worked together for over a year now to bring this deal together, and over that time we have seen how Seaway operate and what a success story they are, we want that type of culture running this key facility."

Seaway's chief operation officer Paul Szumowski said Toowoomba was not new to the company, having had a small presence already in the region.

"We have had an active role in Toowoomba for a number of years now, including being a major sponsor of Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise," he said.

"It is exciting that this project will create (more than) 50 jobs for the local community, but just as importantly provide exporters and importers a more efficient mode of transport to access their overseas markets."

Final planning on the new site will be concluded shortly, with construction starting early 2019.

It is expected that the site will be operational in 12-18 months, at which point it will operate a daily shuttle service to the Port of Brisbane.

Once up and running, Seaway are planning to move over 20,000 teus (twenty foot equivalent units) by rail to the Port of Brisbane, saving up to 10,000 truck movements per annum.
Half baked projects, have long term consequences ...
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