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Author Topic: AHRC NGR related matters  (Read 1832 times)

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AHRC NGR related matters
« on: April 23, 2018, 01:56:23 PM »

A copy of the original application can be found below:

Application for temporary exemptions from the DSAPT and DDA - NGR
Project .pdf

A copy of the Commission's guidelines for making decisions regarding
temporary exemptions under the DDA can be found below:

Disability Discrimination Act Exemptions Guidelines.doc

Disability Discrimination Act Exemptions Guidelines.pdf

On 18 October 2017, the Commission sought further information from the
State of Queensland and Queensland Rail regarding the joint application.
The applicant's response, and the annexures to that response can be
found below:

Public Version - New Generation Rollingstock Project - Joint Response to
Request for Further Information - 28 November 2017 .pdf

Public Annexures.zip

The Commission received the following further information from the
applicants on 11 December 2017:

Enclosure 1 - Item 7 - Customer Education Material.pdf

Enclosure 2 - Item 12 - Rectification steps.pdf

Request for Submissions

The Australian Human Rights Commission invited interested parties to make submissions.

The closing date for written submissions was 15 January 2018.

The following submissions were received by the Commission:

1    Equal Opportunity Commission WA    1. EOCWA Submission.pdf

2    Anti Discrimination Commission Queensland    2. ADCQ Submission.pdf

3    Brendon Charles Donohue (individual)    3. Brendan Charles Donohue Submission.pdf

4    Queensland Advocacy Incorporated    4. QAI Submission.pdf

5    Community Legal Centres Queensland    5. CLC Qld Submission.pdf

6    Queensland Rail Accessibility Reference Group    6. QRARG Submission.pdf

6(a)    Addendum to submission of Queensland Rail Accessibility Reference Group 6 (a) QRARG Addendum Submission.pdf

7    Spinal Life Australia    7. Spinal Life Australia Submission.pdf

8    Rail Back on Track (RailBoT)    8. RailBoT Submission.pdf

9    Confidential Submission (individual)    9. Confidential Submission.pdf

10    MS Queensland    10. MS Qld Submission.pdf

11    Vision Australia    11. Vision Australia Submission.pdf

12    Confidential Submission (individual)    12. Confidential Submission.pdf

13    William Thomas Simpson (individual)    13. William Thomas Simpson Submission.pdf

14    Physical Disability Australia    14. PDA Submission.pdf

15    Queenslanders with Disability Network    15. QDN Submission.pdf

16    Equal Opportunity Commission SA    16. EOCSA Submission.pdf

17    Wendy Lovelace (individual)    17. Wendy Lovelace Submission.pdf

18    Inclusion Moves    18. Inclusion moves Submission.pdf

19    Confidential Submission (individual)    19. Confidential submission.pdf

20    Accessible Public Transport Jurisdictional Committee (APTJC)    PDF 20. APTJC Submission .pdf
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Re: AHRC NGR related matters
« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2018, 02:01:58 PM »
The Commission’s preliminary view - 2 March 2018

On 2 March 2018, the Australian Human Rights Commission issued its preliminary view in this matter. The preliminary view can be found here and a summary of the preliminary view can be found here.

In accordance with its guidelines, the Commission will sometimes issue a preliminary view on an application for temporary exemptions before it reaches a final view. The purpose of a preliminary view is to provide procedural fairness and to give interested parties the opportunity to respond to the Commission’s preliminary findings before it makes a final decision. If any interested parties wish to respond to the Commission’s preliminary view, submissions are sought by 16 March 2018. Submissions should preferably be made in electronic format, and emailed to legal@humanrights.gov.au.

Responses to the Commission's preliminary view

Applicants' response to the Commission's preliminary view

NGR - Applicants' Joint Response to AHRC Preliminary View - 16 March 2018 (004).pdf

The closing date for written responses was 16 March 2018.

The following responses were received by the Commission:

Other responses

1.    RBoT - Response to PV.pdf

2    Queensland Rail Accessibility Reference Group    Response to PV.pdf

3    Queensland Advocacy Incorporated QAI - Response to PV.pdf

4    Spinal Life Australia Spinal Life - Response to PV.pdf

5    Brendon Charles Donohue (individual) Donohue - Response to PV.pdf

6    Confidential Response (individual) Response to PV.pdf

7    Wendy Lovelace (individual) Wendy Lovelace - Response to PV.pdf

8    Inclusion Moves  Inclusion Moves - Response to PV.pdf

9    Community Legal Centres Queensland  CLCs QLD - Response to PV.pdf
Half baked projects, have long term consequences ...
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Re: AHRC NGR related matters
« Reply #2 on: April 23, 2018, 02:03:44 PM »
The Commission's decision - 29 March 2018

On 29 March 2018, the Australian Human Rights Commission gave notice of its decision in this matter.  The decision can be found here and a  summary of the decision can be found here.
Half baked projects, have long term consequences ...
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