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Author Topic: McGowan (ALP) - WA Land Registry Privatisation  (Read 584 times)

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McGowan (ALP) - WA Land Registry Privatisation
« on: October 15, 2017, 07:09:16 PM »
WA is running short on $$. In this case, WA Blue Team ran up the huge debts.

As we all know... bills need to be paid for.

So, some assets are going to be offloaded. A bit like Anna Bligh.

McGowan flags Landgate sale to fix budget

Premier Mark McGowan says the sale of Western Australia's land title service Landgate is on the table after the state government was forced to scuttle a planned gold royalty hike.

Interesting to look at the NSW case, which has been contracted out to Advara.

Can't believe everything on a company website, but it does look like innovation has moved forward, even in this obscure area:


What does that mean in the real world?
For our first land registry client, Landgate in Western Australia, our platform almost immediately improved every metric:

Cost. Per document costs significantly reduced.
Speed. Processing taking seconds rather than days.
Productivity. Automating the land registry process.
Efficiency. Significant reduction in rework.
Flexibility. Dynamic rules engine and skills based routing.
Customer satisfaction. The lowest ‘Active Documents’ (outstanding backlog cases) and significant reduction in ‘Turn Around Times’.

But this is just the start. Our platform utilises a flexible system architecture that enables new services to be added seamlessly on an ongoing basis, so as more automation capabilities come online, Landgate’s productivity and performance metrics will continue to improve.
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