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Author Topic: City Train Response Unit  (Read 967 times)

Offline mufreight

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City Train Response Unit
« on: September 17, 2017, 09:23:32 AM »
It seems that the City Train Response Unit is missing in action, unheard of since March and seemingly has done nothing constructive in resolving Queensland Rail's problems other than to create another committee to increase the consumption of coffee within Queensland Rail at "meetings".
Obviously since Queensland Rail has now brought in a firm of accountants to fix the timetable mess at an unknown cost the City Train Response Unit is not responding in an adequate manner and its coffee consumption is below the political expectations it is necessary to bring in more people to solve the problems of Queensland Rail, it is unfortunate that Queensland Rail's recruitment of operating staff could not be as efficient as is their recruitment of more deadwood at the top of the woodpile.
The unions have done little for their own justification or for the benefit of their members with their closed shop tactics relating to the recruitment of drivers and guards. to have insisted on a preference being given to existing staff to fill vacancies ahead of outside applicants would have made more sense and have been of benefit to the unions long term, their present stance has delayed recruitment and has been damaging to the present government, an LNP government will be neither as tolerant or benevolent and a privatised Queensland Rail with driver only trains would need only half the number of union members.

Offline BrizCommuter

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Re: City Train Response Unit
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2017, 12:43:17 PM »
The "Independent" CRU is now the Jackie Trad Spin Unit (JTSU). Heads in the sand, fingers in the ears, and pretending that GC2018 isn't going to be a complete disaster!

Offline Stillwater

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Re: City Train Response Unit
« Reply #2 on: September 17, 2017, 06:57:54 PM »
The Citytrain Response Unit staff will be putting their feet up on their desks in anticipation of the downhill run until March 2018, when the unit, most likely will be disbanded.  Yes, it acts as Ms Trad's PR Unit within the bureaucracy, which the taxpayer funds.  Formation of the CRU itself was a PR stunt, along with the '100 day action plan'. 

It is in place until beyond the state election, so can head off any PR crises in the meantime and its tenure coincides with the Commonwealth Games.  At that point, Mr Trad has the option of:
(1)  Thanking the CRU for its diligent service
(2)  Sacking the CRU (it was put in place for an initial 12 months only) for gross incompetence if the sh%t hits the fan around Commonwealth Games time.

The objective would have been reached however -- shield Ms Trad from bad publicity by keeping all the odium within QR, at arm's length from the Minister's office.  That's how Sterling Hinchliffe came unstuck.

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Re: City Train Response Unit
« Reply #3 on: September 17, 2017, 09:17:52 PM »
The CRU has become the PRU - public relations unit.

One wonders just how independent it really is given that Jackie decides whether it will continue or not (if they do something Jackie

doesn't like, she will dissolve it and everyone there gets fired - who wants to lose their six-figure job??). This whole thing is becoming

a comedy of reviews:

- Deloitte review
- Strachan review
- INDEC/Giro review
- CRU standing review
- TransLink (who is supposed to be the original monitoring organisation)
- Deutsche Bahn review

That is like SIX reviews already.

Secondly, the CRU does not fundamentally change the root causes and incentives environment. Queensland Rail will continue to have its

contracts renewed no matter if they meet their contractual obligations or not. The simple fact that they have not been terminated as an

operator, and most of the board and executive have kept their positions, sends a strong message that whatever is written in the

contracts cannot and will not be enforced by TransLink due to government-owned monopoly special status.

TransLink, as the government regulator and "quality control" monitor needs its regulatory powers enhanced to include hire, fire, and sue

powers. That's when operators will lift their game. When the regulator has TEETH.
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