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Short term answer for Toowoomba range containers

Started by ozflier, February 07, 2017, 17:29:56 PM

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I have been waiting for some press release the Toowoomba Range rail upgrade which apparently was going to involve enhanced crossing loops and lowering the floor of the tunnels to accommodate higher containers.
Knowing the Queensland Government , I'd be surprised if anything has occurred despite promises and plans made since 2013.
I guess its not totally their fault as until recently Aurizon had interest in bulk mineral haulage and little else.
I am wondering if there is an short term answer to the cotton handler's preference for 9 foot 6 inch high containers vs. the one foot lower ones that can currently make it thru the range tunnels.
I refer to well wagons like the ones used interstate and overseas to carry double stack containers.
I could imagine that the well floor would be maybe one foot lower than that standard container flat car and thus a single container would make it thru!
Is there an obvious flaw with my suggestion ( eg well wagons too wide or long to fit thru the tunnels) or this just another example of our government's disinterest towards country rail freight services?


short term solution.   Rip up grandchester-toowoomba and start again.      They have the plans done.   


It depends though, does the extra length of the special wagon mean the overall capacity of a given train length reduces?

Basically, you'd have higher containers, but less of them.


Using well deck wagons would mean only one 20ft container per wagon, to get either a 40ft container or 2 x 20ft containers would mean a wagon that would exceed the maximum length permissible because of the clearance for the bogies.


Quote from: aldonius on February 08, 2017, 01:56:03 AM
mufreight: this is a narrow gauge problem, yeah?

More of a loading gauge problem.    But narrow gauge doesn't help. 


Loading gauge, particularly through the tunnels, more than narrow gauge, as the tunnels are quite narrow themselves I believe.
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