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Author Topic: NZ: New bus network for Wellington City  (Read 1046 times)

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NZ: New bus network for Wellington City
« on: September 18, 2016, 05:25:05 PM »
Wellington New Zealand is also getting a new bus network. Similar to Auckland New Zealand the aim was to be cost neutral.

The new network is substantially simpler.

From 2018, more routes, more often, means more options for customers - Wellington City's new bus route network.

We’ve listened to customers and designed a network of bus routes where more people have easier access to more services when they want to travel.

There are new weekend services, travel times are faster on key routes and more people have direct routes to important destinations, like Wellington Hospital and Victoria University.

The city is changing. Customer expectations are changing. Our bus service must change to reflect that.

The current service structure provides inconsistent levels of service and customer experience to different areas of the city. Problems facing the network:

    Some areas are well serviced and some aren’t
    Some buses are not carrying a lot of people
    Services focus on peak-time commuters going to the CBD
    Journeys to other destinations are complicated and difficult to plan
    More people want to travel at weekends, through the day and to more destinations.

To support our growing vibrant city into the future, we undertook the first significant review of bus services in more than 20 years.

A bit of tweaking wasn’t the answer. Creating a service that is easier, smarter and better required a whole of network approach.

source: https://www.metlink.org.nz/2018-a-new-bus-network-for-wellington-city/


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