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Author Topic: Adelaide City Council pushes for interstate trains to arrive at CBD station  (Read 2632 times)

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ABC News --> Adelaide City Council pushes for interstate trains to arrive at CBD station to boost visitor numbers

Adelaide City Council will move to bring interstate passenger trains back to the Adelaide Railway Station in an effort to boost visitor numbers to the CBD by 2020.

The idea was included in the council's 63-page 2016-2020 strategic plan, which was adopted at a meeting on Tuesday night.

Interstate passenger trains currently disembark at the Adelaide Parklands Terminal in Keswick, but Lord Mayor Martin Haese said more people would visit Adelaide city if interstate trains arrived in the CBD.

"The Adelaide Railway Station is a magnificent building, it is absolutely grand and I think it's something to be celebrated," he said.

"We think that great cities around the world really do this well whereby their interstate trains, as well as their domestic trains, leave from the same CBD-based railway station."

With both council and the State Government recently pledging $7.3 million each to upgrade laneways between the Adelaide Central Market and the railway station, Mr Haese said the idea made sense.

"What we're doing is we're putting the infrastructure in place to funnel more people into that railway station," he said.

"And then of course there'll be the State Government-led project around the upgrade of the river bank, so all things point to this."

Council will start discussions with the State Government and railway operators for the station switch within the next few weeks.

Over the next four years, council will also work towards becoming a "smart, green, creative and liveable city" as outlined in the strategic plan.

That includes investing in IT infrastructure upgrades in the CBD, reducing carbon emissions by 35 per cent and boosting the arts to in turn increase tourism.

My first impressions of Adelaide were arriving on The Overland in the late 1960s.  It was very exciting at the time and Adelaide Station was very grand (still is in large part).  When I travelled on The Overland last January, it certainly didn't have the same excitement  as originally at the main Adelaide Station as we departed from Keswick.
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Adelaide has had a pretty poor network, and it shows in the patronage numbers.

Just 13 million vs Perth at 60 million or so. Major works are being done with new trains, stations etc.

Adelaide should be the postcard perfect system for decent PT because it has an truly excellent road layout that is ideal

for a PT grid network.

Train patronage
2014/15 – 13,115,666
2013/14 – 10,388,830 (includes period of line closures on Seaford and Belair lines)
2009/10 – 10,702,267 (previous high)

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