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Queensland 2024-25 Budget

Started by ozbob, April 17, 2024, 07:56:46 AM

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I think we should be looking at the 533 (Flagstone) and 587 (Yarrabilba) going to HF.  There is already such an enormous disincentive to using public transport in these places that we should be aiming to off-set that as much as practicable.  These are also the only services for 10s of kilometres in some cases given how far off the grid they are.  These places exist (despite all the associated problems) and no amount of hand-wringing is going to change that.

Same story with the 531 at Ripley.  I'd also be inclined to send the 531 directly to Ipswich instead of forcing an interchange at Yamanto, which is well out of the way of the most direct route from the main Ripley resi and commercial project sites.
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^^The thing is, between Logan Village/Yarrabilba and Flagstone there are 3 similar North-South routes running at equally poor frequencies:

- Flagstone has the 533 to Browns Plains (via Greenbank, running Teviot Road/Middle Road)
- Jimboomba has the 540 Beaudesert to Browns Plains (via Jimboomba & Park Ridge Town Centre, running Mt Lindsay Hwy)
- Logan Village and Yarrabilba has the 587 Yarrabilba to Loganlea Station/Logan Hospital/TAFE (via Logan Village, Waterford/Waterford West running Waterford Tamborine Road).

I think a frequent, east-west route would be an important addition, linking Logan Village, Yarrabilba, Jimboomba and Flagstone. These are the four prominent locations that are relatively close to one another (you can drive between them in ~30 minutes) and are all seeing significant development. Linking them would allow all four locations to leverage the three North South routes.

I think boosting all 3 routes to HF might be a hard sell at this point in time - when Yarrabilba & Flagstone get a bit bigger further down the track, sure. Right now, I would push for the highway-running 540 to go HF to make it the trunk route for all 4 locations (it also links them to the major regional centre of Beaudesert, which is important), while the 533 and 578 would get an incremental boost to a half hourly, 7 days a week service with longer span of hours.


Even with the 540, you could say do every 2nd bus terminating at Jimboomba....With about 7000 people, I think Beaudesert is a bit small to support a HF route.

I agree thats the fundamental issue though. 3 crap routes.
And EW route will be useful down the track due to all the housing popping up on the way.

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