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649 (Post MBRL) - Take 3

Started by Arnz, November 11, 2015, 14:31:49 PM

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Looking at the SC Draft Timetable again for this 'Take 3' post, I've retimed the 649 runs to improve Southbound (Inbound) connections, as well as reduce dead running between the KBL Burpengary Depot and Nambour station assuming KBL retains the runs.  See the points below the timetables.

Long term:  Phase the 649s out as more NGR are introduced, and get rid of them entirely by the end of 2016 as hourly off-peak weekday services to Nambour are introduced.



Key points
* Inbound 649 services have been retimed to ensure 7 minutes connection between bus and train services (instead of the current draft where the 649s either connects to train services that originated from Nambour!, or a 30+ min wait for the next service)
* Most Northbound 649s have scheduled driver meal breaks at Nambour before returning Southbound. 
* Railbuses had to increased from 8 to 9 in both directions to reduce some dead running.
* 2 of the 9 Railbus services will run express between Landsborough and Nambour, as both express buses are inbetween train services with gaps of 60 minutes/1 hour.   The 2 express buses will generally service the most populated hinterland towns (Beerwah, Landsborough et al), and while it may skip the less populated towns, they will still maintain a reasonable train frequency (60 min or better) between services.  In addition those are also positioning runs where otherwise dead running would have been required.
* The only dead running that is required is a bus will need to dead run from Burpengary Depot or anywhere in the Northern region to Nambour station to form the 6:33pm Southbound 649 ex-Nambour to Caboolture, and the Northbound 649 which terminates in Nambour at 9:56pm will need to dead run back down the Bruce Highway to Burpengary depot.

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Half baked projects, have long term consequences ...
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