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Post-2014 bus improvements

Started by SurfRail, September 19, 2014, 16:34:21 PM

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I'm currently workshopping and kicking around ideas for what we might want to see for the bus network in the next 4-5 years.

I'm starting with a few assumptions:

- There will be only minor route realignments or new services.  Overwhelmingly the shape of the network is now pretty good, certainly eons beyond what it was this time in 2004 where the northernmost bus route was the old 1A to Dreamworld and there were no buses to Coomera, Ormeau or Beenleigh.  The major issue remains frequency and hours of operation, and to a lesser extent having bus stops in useful places.

- More high-frequency services will be rolled out in this period.

- Light rail will reach Helensvale by 2020-ish.  Vanishingly unlikely to be done for the Commonwealth Games.  The alignment chosen is likely to be the via Parkwood option.

- Surfside (TAG) may or may not be the contractor, depending on what happens with next year's election, whether tendering goes ahead and whether they can retain their contract.

My initial thoughts are that from the existing services, the following would potentially merit 15 minute headways during at least 7am-7pm like some of the current routes, in numerical order rather than order of likelihood or preference.  Even if some of these are only during weekdays it would be a good start.

714.  Unchanged from present alignment.

719.  Remove route 709 and replace it with a non-stop journey from Helensvale to GCUH via either the M1 or by going out the bottom end of Helensvale and along the eastern service road, whatever is quicker and more reliable, then Smith St.  719 provides the high-frequency service along Olsen Avenue and avoids doubling up, whereas this new route is the interim tram connection (call it say "Route 707").  Terminate the 719 route at GCUH and run the 715 along Smith St in lieu.  Doing this avoids unnecessary duplication between Helensvale and Harbour Town and avoids competition between the tram and the bus from Southport to GCUH.

725.  Unchanged from present alignment (although investigate whether it is feasible to get the route a little bit further into Brygon Creek area south of Roe Street, or to get it to go via the Coomera City Centre shops).

735.  Unchanged from present alignment.

745.  Mostly unchanged from present alignment - route it via Riverbend Ave and Manchester Rd for better penetration into the local residential area and to keep it out of congestion at Gooding Corner (possibly combined with additional bus priority arrangements between Fairway Dr and Manchester Dr).

747.  Unchanged from present alignment, but install several additional bus stops along the way to take advantage of its present route (which has not happened).  Possibly duck in and out of Bond Uni.

760.  Unchanged from present alignment.

765.  The most significant changes.  Revert to the old pre-2009 route between Robina station and Tallebudgera, then travel via Route 764 to Currumbin Park via Elanora.

Additionally, I think the following can bear to run at 30 minute headways 7 days per week (all basically in their current form):


The rest would be absolute minimum 60 minute intervals from 6-7am to 6-7pm, if not longer, except for the following special purpose routes:

737 (shopper route for the retirement villages in and around Southport/Ashmore, probably fine as it is)
TX1, TX2, TX3 (theme park routes aligned to travel demand, basically "rockets")
N732, N750 (NightLink routes)

One I would like to see completely reworked off the top of my head is the 756, which is far too circuitous and is basically just the old Route 4, which has existed forever.  Should be split into 2 separate services, which should also make improved coverage of the area to the west of Burleigh a lot easier to achieve.

Main reason for all of this is that I would like to put together something as a kind of position statement of what they should be aiming at (whether they can achieve any of it is another guess).
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