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Author Topic: Article: London Underground on track to join the Internet of Things  (Read 1321 times)

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Sydney Morning Herald --> London Underground on track to join the Internet of Things

Next time you get stuck at a train station escalator, spare a thought for the way everything will be connected to everything in the future.

That's the promise of the Internet of Things, where sensors and devices will connect to each other and the cloud, and allow those controlling them to make better-informed decisions.

It is already starting to happen on the London Underground, where Telent, the Tube's equipment maintenance contractor, might already know about an escalator breakdown and may have despatched a repair person whose expertise, whereabouts and distance to the job it could see on a screen.

Sensors on the escalator and location services on technicians' tablets constantly send data to the company's many monitoring systems, which are in turn fed into analytical software programs that come together on one dashboard to flag what needs to be done, sometimes even before it is needed.

It is one element of the Tube's inter-connected network of devices that also includes CCTV cameras, PA systems, lifts, air-conditioning and, soon, rail tracks ...

More --> http://www.smh.com.au/it-pro/business-it/london-underground-on-track-to-join-the-internet-of-things-20140417-zqvmr.html
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