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« on: February 05, 2014, 04:36:25 PM »
  • ATP: 'Automatic Train Protection', a safeworking system installed on the ICEs, Tilt Trains and most diesel locomotives in SEQ. Mostly used north of Caboolture. This is an active type of protection that can stop a train/apply brakes if the driver fails to control the train in a safe standard (e.g. speeding, approaching red signals too fast etc.).
  • AWS: 'Automatic Warning System', installed on all electric passenger trains in SEQ. Warns train drivers of restricted signals.
  • BUM: 'Brisbane Underground Metro' - forum term for UBAT, typically used 'humourously': "Buses carrying lots of air through the BUM".
  • Bus makes and models: See this BTBuses page.
  • Classes (right-of-way):
    • Class A: Grade separated from all other traffic or with priority at level crossings. E.g. trains and most of the busway network
    • Class B: Exclusive right-of-way, but other traffic may cross.
    • Class C: Mixed in with other traffic.
  • CRR: 'Cross River Rail' - the Bligh Labor government proposal for a train tunnel from Yeerongpilly in the south to Victoria Park (on the Exhibition loop line) in the north, and associated surface works.
  • Dead (running): For buses: out-of-revenue. For trains: non-operational.
  • Down: For the Brisbane suburban network, anything traveling in a northerly direction (e.g. Roma Street to Ferny Grove, Ipswich to Caboolture, Beenleigh to Bowen Hills etc.) See this QRIG page.
  • Empty running: Out-of-revenue 'services'.
  • EMU: 'Electric Multiple Unit'.
    • Generally, the type of electric train used in all Australian suburban areas, consisting of several cars in one, self propelled 'multiple unit'. One or more of these cars has electric traction motors to move the train, negating the need for locomotives etc.
    • QR-wise, an EMU is the first generation of electric multiple unit passenger trains in the fleet, numbered 01-88, top speed 100km/h.

  • ICE: ICE - InterCity Express, these are a long distance version of the QR EMU train, originally used on the Spirit of Capricorn services, but now used on Gympie North and some Nambour services. Numbered 151-158 with trailer cars 7151-7154. Top speed 120km/h.
  • IMU: 'Interurban Multiple Unit' a longer-distance version of the QR SMU train. These have an onboard toilet for each three-car set. Three generations comprising: the '100-series' (#101-110, top speed 140km/h), the '120-series' (#121-124, top speed 140km/h), and the '160-series' (#161-188, top speed 130km/h).


  • Mains: The primary track pair when there are three or more. In Brisbane, the western track pair between Northgate and Darra (Central platforms 5 & 6), and the outer tracks to Lawnton.
  • Neutral Section: A small section of track with no overhead power available in electrified areas. Used to separate two substation networks, required when running 25kV AC overhead, as is found in Queensland.
  • NGR: 'New Generation Rollingstock'. QR's next generation of SEQ passenger trains. 75 fixed 6-car sets, to be built by Bombardier in India, tested late 2015 and in service early 2016. Top speed 140km/h; numbering TBA.


  • Pax: Shortening of 'Passengers'.
  • Points:Points: Sections of movable rail that are used to change trains from one track to another.
  • Restricted Signals: Any signal showing a light other than green or 'clear'. Red is usually classified as 'danger'.
  • Sectorisation: Pairing lines (specifically, with the aim of minimal interference with other lines).
  • SMU: 'Suburban Multiple Unit', comprising the second, third & fourth generations of the QR suburban fleet. Respectively these are: the '200 series', numbered 200-212, top speed 100km/h; the '220 series', numbered 221-250, top peed 100km/h; and the '260 series', numbered 261-296, top speed 130km/h.
  • Stabling: Tracks used to store trains when not in use. There are small stabling areas on many of the longer lines, but most occurs at Mayne Depot just north of Bowen Hills station.
  • 'Subs/Suburbans': A description for a track (pair) where 3 or more are adjacent. In Brisbane, these are the eastern track pair through the city (Central platforms 1-4).
  • Turnaround: A facility for buses to terminate and turn around. Often a balloon-loop, sometimes a roundabout. Generally includes crew facilities.
  • Turnback: A length of dead-end track for the purpose of reversing multiple-unit and push-pull trains. E.g. Bondi Junction. Crew facilities are often also included. Also used in an operational sense by QR.
  • Turnout: The whole installation of the points, including all rails, sleepers, ballast etc.


  • UBAT: 'Underground Bus And Train' - the Newman LNP government proposal for a double-decker train and busway tunnel along the same approximate alignment as CRR, the differences being a tunnel portal just south of Park Rd, no station connection at Park Rd, CBD station at George St rather than Albert, less surface works in the initial package - and, of course, the busway component.
  • Up: For the Brisbane suburban network, anything traveling in a southerly/westerly direction (e.g. Ferny Grove to Roma Street, Caboolture to Ipswich, Bowen Hills to Beenleigh etc.) See this QRIG page.
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Re: Glossary Thread
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Suggestions are highly encouraged. If this is to be both decently accurate and fairly wide-ranging, they will be needed. I'm not especially knowledgeable, and I can't just magically trawl the entire history of the forum for every explanation ever...

So, thanks in advance!

Mods, feel free to just edit things in directly.
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