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Author Topic: Media Release 19 May 2007 - Timetable Improvements to Ease Congestion  (Read 2569 times)

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RAIL Back On Track - Media Release 19 May 2007
Timetable Improvements to Ease Congestion

RAIL - Back On Track (http://backontrack.org)  a web based community organisation for the promotion of rail throughout Australia has suggested that some simple timetable changes on the Ipswich line will go a long way to improving passenger congestion, and act as an incentive for people to leave their cars behind and avoid the dangerous Ipswich Highway with its chronic traffic congestion and crashes.

Robert Dow said that:

"Presently during the week there is a fifteen minute frequency of service of trains from Corinda to the City.  It would be within the present crew and train service capacities that instead of terminating the trains at Corinda these could be terminated at Darra.  This is only two stations past Corinda. This would then give a fifteen minute frequency from both Oxley and Darra.  Both these stations have high passenger loadings, and by feeding buses into these stations it would enable commuters' fast and safe access to the City and beyond."

"Also in the afternoon there is presently a service from Central to Darra that leaves Central at 4.12pm.  This train has a light passenger loading as it follows the 4.06pm Central to Ipswich.  The next service is a 4.21pm Central to Ipswich, which is then followed by the 4.38 Central to Ipswich.  The 4.38pm Central to Ipswich is experiencing chronic heavy passenger loadings; it would help if the 4.12pm Central to Darra service was re-timetabled to leave Central at 4.30pm.  This would allow for more passengers to use the 4.38pm service to Ipswich in reasonable comfort.  These are simple practical solutions which will go a long way to improving service for patrons."

"Brisbane residents are tired of being left standing at the bus stops and at river catamaran (City Cat) and ferry stops by buses and catamarans with no more room for passengers.  By maximising rail travel this will help ease the chronic overloading of buses, ferries and catamarans. Rail is the bulk people mover, let's get with it Brisbane!"


RAIL Back On Track
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