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Whistles In The Hills, Part 1. 25/5/2013

On Saturday May 25th, 2013, Puffing Billy Railway ran a special steam-hauled train empty from Belgrave to Gembrook in the Dandenong Ranges. The purpose of this train was to collect firewood in the section to Cockatoo, and back to Lakeside (Emerald Lakes). The train was hauled by NA class tank engine 6A with its Lemphor exhaust creating a different note in the exhaust beat. This video shows the train in various locations between Belgrave and Gembrook.

Part 2 of Whistles In The Hills features more of locomotive 6A as well as scenes of 7A and 8A in action on the Puffing Billy Railway on the far outskirts of Melbourne in the picturesque Dandenong Ranges. 7A is featured double heading with 6A in some surprise moves, as well as scenes of 8A on a Lakeside train, and red saddle tank locomotive 861 which was used on the Footplate Experience train.


On Saturday 30 June 2012, the Puffing Billy Railway commemorated the 50th anniversary of the last train on the Colac to Beech Forest line by operating Beyer-Garratt locomotive G42 on the Gembrook service.

G42 was decorated with a red buffer beam and headboard similar to how it appeared on that last train 50 years ago.

This video features lineside scenes at various locations along the line for both the down and up journeys.

2012 James Brook


Of the four original Victorian Railways 2'6" narrow gauge lines, two have survived into preservation; The Gembrook line (more commonly known as Puffing Billy) and the Walhalla line. The Walhalla line is currently restored between Walhalla and Thomson, and known as the Walhalla Goldfields Railway. WGR does not have any original VR 2'6" rollingstock, and as part of the 100th anniversary celebrations for the line 'native' loco 7A was brought from Puffing Billy for one weekend only, being the first time an NA had been to Walhalla since the lines closure 66 years ago! On the Saturday 7A carried scrapped loco 9A's number plates, 9A having hauled the first train into Walhalla 100 years before.

I have stitched this video together from shots taken on three different Walhalla-Thomson-Walhalla runs to simulate one journey. The on-board footage was taken on the 11am ex-Walhalla departure, the trackside footage was taken on the 1pm and 3pm runs. Note the loco is carrying two whistles: The lower pitched one was 9A's, the high pitched one belonged to Garrat loco G41.

Garratt G42 mixed to Gembrook



12A returned to service after 7 year break ..


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