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  1. Safe Rates Legislation to Reduce Road Deaths
  2. Wellington studies increasing rail frequency
  3. Article: ‘Distracted walking’ across Utah rails could bring fines
  4. Auckland plans to botch smart card fares project
  5. Achieving equitable travel benefits for international students
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  7. THE HENRY PARKES ORATION 2011 Railways in Australia: Federation Unfulfilled
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  9. [The Urbanist] Why do subways cost so much more to build here than elsewhere?
  10. Article: Tim Fischer proposes $1m visas to build fast train
  11. Privatisation Failure
  12. UK Green Lights HS2 High Speed Rail Line
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  14. London undergroun Performance
  15. MOVED: Off Peak Times
  16. Article: New Mexico City buses cut pollution, generate cash
  17. Article: APAC leads the world in contactless transport card use
  18. POLL: Would you support a HSR study into a Nth QLD route (Brisbane to Cairns)
  19. Auckland's Newmarket station/Waitakere line
  20. Article: (UK) More funding for Strategic Freight Network
  21. AGIC Weightings Survey - invitation to participate
  22. Veolia to exit transport sector
  23. Article: Windhoff to build Network Rail's electrification factory train
  24. Some commonsense on railway investment in Australia
  25. Article: How Commuting Become An $11 Billion Problem
  26. Article: US$1bn double-tracking programme to modernise Trans-Java Railway
  27. Article: Chicago Transit Authority choose Cubic as payment supplier
  28. QANTAS
  29. Article: Ambitious plans in Kathmandu
  30. Article: Automated trains launched on Paris Line 1
  31. Article: Redlands Passenger Rail Project contract awarded
  32. Article: Alger metro inaugurated
  33. MOVED: Article: Car bursts into flames after car crash
  34. Article: Karlsruhe orders Vossloh tram-trains
  35. Article: Three consortia shortlisted for Ottawa light rail project
  36. Doing more with less
  37. Article: Completing the Circle (Singapore)
  38. Suburban rail projects around the country.
  39. Article: The Only Hope for Reducing Traffic
  40. Article: German Trains To Run On 100% Renewables By 2050
  41. Article: NSW and Victoria defiant on transport concessions for foreign students
  42. Article - The True Cost of Commuting
  43. Article: CAF preferred for Auckland EMU order
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  46. Article: Trains overtaking flights as preferred way of travelling through Europe
  47. Article: Futuristic laser-guided pods to transport Heathrow passengers
  48. Article: Time to smarten up Oz smartcards
  49. Article: St Gallen upgrade agreement signed
  50. ALP-45DP Dual-power Locomotive