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  1. Mayoral candidates for Sunshine Coast Regional Council on GoCard price hikes
  2. Article: State Government retains paper tickets
  3. Article: (Melbourne) Passengers face $500m ticket chaos
  4. mayoral candidates on the go card
  5. Article: Rail Back on Track calls for 'expensive' go card overhaul
  6. Article: Are these the best tickets to ride?
  7. Article: Mixed start for card
  8. Article: Go card has slow-mo intro
  9. More ideas for Frequent User schemes
  10. Article: Go card readers 'don't work underground'
  11. Card position when touching on and off
  12. Article: Swipe on and off: go cards are go
  13. Ministerial Statement: go card ready to roll into Brisbane
  14. Article: Go card ticketing not for all
  15. Article: Go cards are go for launch
  16. Sydney to buy Brisbane's bus ticketing system
  17. Correspondence sent to all Queensland Members of Parliament : Go Card Concerns
  18. Opposition Statement: No tickets for Pre-paid bus routes
  19. Thieves!
  20. Article: Card that costs you $900 more to take the train
  21. Some other public transport Smart Cards for interest
  22. The Gates
  23. New card woes
  24. How to get FireFox to display $ sign at online Go Card Management
  25. Article: Opposition's Tim Nicholls warns of ticket trouble
  26. More top-up options required
  27. Examples of costs of travel with Go Card and paper integrated ticketing
  28. Opposition Statement: Sunshine Coast commuters to be slugged more
  29. Perth SmartRider smart card shows the Go Card FU fares up as a rip off.
  30. Opposition Statement: No easy tickets for buses and ferries
  31. Article: End of the line looms for agencies' ticket sales
  32. Article: It?s the unfair card - Cost trip to 'smart' bus rides
  33. Melbourne myki smart card shows the Go Card FU fares up as a rip off
  34. Article: TransLink GoCard finally launched
  35. Ministerial Statement: All systems go with new go card
  36. Weekly ticket cost compared to ten trips on Go Card
  37. List of RAIL Back On Track media releases concerning the Go Card
  38. Qld Opposition media release: Students' up to 30% worse off under Smartcard plan
  39. Go Card (Smart Card) Back door fare increase of up to 54 %!.
  40. Go Card showing someone elses transactions
  41. Go Card- Fail to touch off and you also loose your discount!
  42. Go (formerly smart) Card Web Admin Site