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  1. Channel 7 article on GoCard takeup and revenue
  2. Go Card - time issue and lack of official response
  3. Take the 'Fair Fares' Survey Now
  4. TransLink - Why don't they answer commuter questions ?
  5. Article: Long wait on money
  6. Article: No numbers on bus free-for-all
  7. 50,000-100,000+ gocards in circulation but transit officers don't have readers??
  8. Ministerial Statement: 50 000th go card sold
  9. Oxley - AVVM out of paper
  10. MOVED: Community Consultation Rejected
  11. Courier Mail Editorial - Mickel in the hot seat
  12. New on-line consultations on public transport - have your say on Go Card
  13. TransLink - Did they respond to your Questions ?
  14. Article: Bus free-for-all Drivers consider 'no fare' Mickel protest
  15. Article: Go card fare rip-off
  16. It's official!! There is a problem with the time on the bus go card system
  17. Opposition Media Release: Mickel deploys Labor's blame game on Go Card failures
  18. TransLink Smart card the Go Card - what's going on?
  19. Simple Question on Notice goes unanswered. Commuters fears may well be realised.
  20. Go-To Card .... Interesting reading
  21. MOVED: Article: Smart one day, secret the next
  22. Transport Minister evades Question on Notice in Qld Parliament
  23. Article: New report slams go card security
  24. Say No to GoCard until Fares are Fair
  25. Article: Cloned go cards can't be stopped
  26. Article: Reveal contract details: Opposition
  27. Reclaiming free weekend travel and reducing Go Card fares
  28. Article: Off the rails - from tickets to timetables
  29. Opposition Statement: Gold Coast Commuters lose out under Go Card
  30. Go Card Roma Street Platform 3 query
  31. Ministerial Statement: Don't forget to take advantage of free Easter travel
  32. 'Say No to GoCard until Fares are Fair' respond to Hon John Mickel's letter
  33. Premier Statement: Bligh announces Easter bonus for go card-ers
  34. Go Card availability - Ipswich for example?
  35. Say No to GoCard : Eumundi Green community newspaper story
  36. Albert and Logan Shire News
  37. The No Go Card
  38. Opposition Statement: Government desperate to increase GoCard uptake
  39. Article: Ticket system stalls
  40. Opposition Statement: Coalition calls for early bird commuter discount
  41. Opposition Statement: Government misses Go Card deadline on Air Train line
  42. 7 Local News ( Sunshine Coast )
  43. Article: Flexing the smart cards
  44. Question
  45. Win 9 News (Sunshine Coast )
  46. Ministerial Statement: Commuters embracing new gocard ticketing system
  47. Article: Savings on the cards
  48. Say No to Go Card advertisement available here!
  49. Go Card Pensioner Fare Slug
  50. Pensioner Fare Increase