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  1. Go Card - time issue and lack of official response
  2. Take the 'Fair Fares' Survey Now
  3. TransLink - Why don't they answer commuter questions ?
  4. Article: Long wait on money
  5. Article: No numbers on bus free-for-all
  6. 50,000-100,000+ gocards in circulation but transit officers don't have readers??
  7. Ministerial Statement: 50 000th go card sold
  8. Oxley - AVVM out of paper
  9. MOVED: Community Consultation Rejected
  10. Courier Mail Editorial - Mickel in the hot seat
  11. New on-line consultations on public transport - have your say on Go Card
  12. TransLink - Did they respond to your Questions ?
  13. Article: Bus free-for-all Drivers consider 'no fare' Mickel protest
  14. Article: Go card fare rip-off
  15. It's official!! There is a problem with the time on the bus go card system
  16. Opposition Media Release: Mickel deploys Labor's blame game on Go Card failures
  17. TransLink Smart card the Go Card - what's going on?
  18. Simple Question on Notice goes unanswered. Commuters fears may well be realised.
  19. Go-To Card .... Interesting reading
  20. MOVED: Article: Smart one day, secret the next
  21. Transport Minister evades Question on Notice in Qld Parliament
  22. Article: New report slams go card security
  23. Say No to GoCard until Fares are Fair
  24. Article: Cloned go cards can't be stopped
  25. Article: Reveal contract details: Opposition
  26. Reclaiming free weekend travel and reducing Go Card fares
  27. Article: Off the rails - from tickets to timetables
  28. Opposition Statement: Gold Coast Commuters lose out under Go Card
  29. Go Card Roma Street Platform 3 query
  30. Ministerial Statement: Don't forget to take advantage of free Easter travel
  31. 'Say No to GoCard until Fares are Fair' respond to Hon John Mickel's letter
  32. Premier Statement: Bligh announces Easter bonus for go card-ers
  33. Go Card availability - Ipswich for example?
  34. Say No to GoCard : Eumundi Green community newspaper story
  35. Albert and Logan Shire News
  36. The No Go Card
  37. Opposition Statement: Government desperate to increase GoCard uptake
  38. Article: Ticket system stalls
  39. Opposition Statement: Coalition calls for early bird commuter discount
  40. Opposition Statement: Government misses Go Card deadline on Air Train line
  41. 7 Local News ( Sunshine Coast )
  42. Article: Flexing the smart cards
  43. Question
  44. Win 9 News (Sunshine Coast )
  45. Ministerial Statement: Commuters embracing new gocard ticketing system
  46. Article: Savings on the cards
  47. Say No to Go Card advertisement available here!
  48. Go Card Pensioner Fare Slug
  49. Pensioner Fare Increase
  50. Misinformation policy on Go Card increased costs?