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  1. Qld Parliament e-Petition: Go Cards, the lack of off-peak fare structure
  2. CAST - BPTUG Statement: TransLink must make Go Card the best option
  3. Article: London ends Oyster card contract
  4. Article: Oyster cards sabotaged.
  5. Article: Tough Translink offers no free ride
  6. Article: Go card users out of touch
  7. 10-trip paper tickets to be axed in favour of Go Card
  8. Failure to receive the 50% discount.
  9. Ekka and the Go Card - Question?
  10. Article: Train passengers to pay twice for journey to Ekka
  11. Article: GoCard call centre crashes
  12. Go card team out and about
  13. Article: Go card causing confusion
  14. Article: Changes to Go Card on track
  15. Temporary power outage to go card equipment
  16. Ministerial Statement: go card sales go through the roof
  17. Article: Forgetful go card users stung $1m
  18. Position for Manager Go Card Operations advertised ...
  19. Article: 'Go easy on go card users'
  20. Article: Go Cards refund bungle
  21. Article: 'Go easy on go card users'
  22. Article: Jump in go card users
  23. Our little fair fares to GO sign is now officially 'retired' ...
  24. Opposition Statement: Go Card fails to impress Airtrain passengers
  25. 2008 fares for journeys 1-7 zones should NOT face ANY increase 2007 to 2008...
  26. How is the new FU scheme different? It's NOT for most people!
  27. Premier Statement: Slashed fares will fight congestion
  28. new website
  29. Media release: 'Say No to GoCard' Committee.
  30. Articles: New TransLink fares go card
  31. On the GO on Gold Coast Buses from Monday 30th June 2008
  32. Article: Airtrain travellers enjoy fare go card
  33. Article: Fears on Go Card security
  34. TVMs Central Pedestrian Underpass - going
  35. Opposition Statement: Ten Trip tickets must be made available to commuters
  36. Go card on Laidley Buses
  37. Inadvertent touching - another issue with the Go card
  38. Article: Go Card System Needs Overhaul
  39. Opposition Statement: Go Card fails to impress Citytrain commuters
  40. Article: One in 16 go for go card
  41. Not a great journey - 07.06.08
  42. Article: No-go Go cards
  43. Opposition Statement: Go Card problems turn commuters away
  44. AIR TRAIN and go card and Articles including $25 penalty for Go Card errors
  45. Airtrain Go Card User Guide now available!
  46. Premier Statement: Free public transport for a year
  47. Hon. Peter Wellington MP, Member for Nicklin : Question on Notice to Minister
  48. Article: Smartcard rollout hits hiccup
  49. Article: Merry go round
  50. Channel 7 article on GoCard takeup and revenue