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  1. Article: No go for go card
  2. AVVM Short Bus Tour 28th Jan 2010
  3. Go Card loopholes and fare evasion
  4. Card Failures
  5. Will higher fares deliver the Translink Network Plan.... or any services?
  6. Article: Protective hoods needed for go-card machines exposed to weather
  7. Article at Brisbane Institute: What is a Fair Fare?
  8. Article: Gympie demands go card
  9. Ministerial Statement: Go Card
  10. Article: Senior struggle
  11. Article: Fewer commuters using SEQ public transport: lobby group
  12. Free GoCards
  13. NSW MyZone ticketing
  14. Opposition Statement: Commuters speak out on go card failures
  15. Article:- Hybrid go card on its way?
  16. Opposition Statement: Go Card
  17. Article: Fares up, patronage down on Brisbane buses
  18. Article: Cheaper for go card cheaters to err and pay the fine
  19. Directional go gates
  20. Advice needed to figure out best fare option
  21. Article: Fare fine's fair: TransLink
  22. Free Transit Zone for Brisbane?
  23. Bus fail to touch off fixed fares need a review
  24. New Fares : Articles, discussion, rants and roses ...
  25. Go Card Errors & Yardstick
  26. Should go card readers on railway stations be painted a bright colour? Poll ...
  27. Article: Opposition wants ACCC inquiry into go cards
  28. Media Releases: Students back to school
  29. Go Card History - please check and comment
  30. Article: Staff abused over Go Card fiasco
  31. Unfare fares in Brisbane
  32. Opposition statement: Commuters dudded by go card failures
  33. Article: What's the Go for tourists?
  34. Go slang/terms
  35. Opposition Statement: Bus and ferry commuters still missing out
  36. Go Card concessional & Expiry
  37. Ministerial Statement: go card retail network hits 360
  38. Found: Go Card with $150 of credit, used Varsity Lakes to Brisbane
  39. TransLink Media Release: New measures to aid the switch to Go Card
  40. Another idea for a frequent user scheme
  41. POLL: How would you rate the roll out of the go card?
  42. Ideas for future ticket prices
  43. Counter peak discounts on go?
  44. Article: Go card hacked: user says funds transferred without consent
  45. Cubic go card equipment
  46. Priorities for go card now!
  47. Translink's 400,000 giveaway
  48. Article: Go cards 'doomed' over security
  49. Opposition Statement: Nolan should apologise for ‘plain stupid’ comment
  50. Please post summary of your obs for the first week of go mania and fixes