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  1. Rio Tinto invests US$518 million in autonomous trains for Pilbara, WA
  2. Back from Perth, Some thoughts:
  3. Article: Boom puts crunch on transport plan
  4. Article: Time capsule commemorates rail line sinking
  5. Article: Grain truck crash renews Tier 3 rail call
  6. Perth Trip
  7. Article: New rail carriages 'not enough'
  8. Article: Fears of public transport overload
  9. Article: Fears over night train passengers being stranded in the 'burbs
  10. Article: Bus shelters up for 'adoption'
  11. Article: Communters (sic) face great train squeeze
  12. Artidcle: Hybrid bus trials spark interest
  13. Article: WA’s Tier 3 lines get one year to prove value
  14. Article: Rail users drive 400m to station
  15. Article: Downer wins $160m PTA train contract
  16. Public Transport Plan for Perth 2031
  17. Article: Opposition unveils circular rail line plan to bypass Perth CBD
  18. Article: Fares, safety top public transport commuter concerns
  19. Article: Light rail, fewer cars in Perth of the future
  20. Article: Plan to privatise airport rail link
  21. Article: Opposition claims $200 million blowout in cost of CityLink project
  22. Article: Perth light on when it comes to rail system
  23. Article: WA funds railcars and buses
  24. Article: Labor backs Perth east-west light rail network
  25. Article: City development brought foward
  26. Article: All-night train bid on track
  27. Public Transport Authority defends 'necessary' rail closure
  28. Ministerial Statement: Perth City Link Project Reaches Another Major Milestone
  29. Article: Light Rail Route For Perth To Be Mapped
  30. Provision for Services for a Senior Railway Design Engineer
  31. Perth’s Rail Revolution: Peter Newman on why Perth chose rail
  32. Joint statement: Federal Funding To Help Rebuild WA's Grain Rail Network
  33. Article: Greens put weight behind Perth light rail system
  34. Perth City Link website
  35. Mandurah line service disruption
  36. Article: Light rail, fast buses in master plan
  37. Article: Mandurah Line a clear winner
  38. Puzzle for Perth People
  39. anyone from perth that goes on here?
  40. Article : Three hurt in Mandurah train evacuation
  41. Article: Barnett to announce extended free travel for seniors
  42. Article: Loudmouths risk being kicked off Perth trains, buses
  43. Article: Transport chief signals train, bus cuts
  44. Article: City plans vibrant rail station
  45. Article: Patronage figures soar on Perth to Mandurah railway
  46. Article: Free train travel for early commuters
  47. $400m central tramline could be viable
  48. Perth-Mandurah line's a carriage of convenience
  49. Ministerial Statement: start of rail services between Perth and Mandurah
  50. New underground stations open today