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  11. Suggestions for coping with the PT network without CRR
  12. Train design measures to increase capacity
  13. POLL: Incentive fares to further encourage 'out of core peak' travel
  14. Congratulations, you are the Minister for Public and Active Transport
  15. Rail to the Locker Valley
  16. Public Transport on a low budget- what could be cut, and what should not be
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  18. Ministerial statement: Interest sought for Coorparoo Junction revitalisation
  19. Any comments: Waive ticketing requirements next week on public transport?
  20. Coronation Drive - alternatives
  21. Rail Flood Recovery
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  23. Silver Bullet to the Rescue
  24. Interview: Paul Mees 3AW follow up to article in The Age
  25. help with a research question needed
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  28. Frequent Corridors
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  30. MOVED: Indooroopilly BUS station upgrade
  31. What role for park and ride
  32. Bombardier VLocity bodied trains - Good for Gympie North and Rosewood services?
  33. What are your transport priorities for 2011?
  34. Ministerial Statement: Mid-Year Budget Update to Count Flood Costs
  35. Doomben Line
  36. Joint Statement: Cross River Rail heads funding bid
  37. Nightlink stops
  38. Public Consultation Thread
  39. XPT derailment at South Brisbane
  40. Air conditioning on EMUs
  41. SEQ High Frequency Network Map
  42. Article: Ipswich's billion dollar makeover
  43. QPSR Handmade Expo & Naming Ceremony
  44. Article: LNP's new frontbench structure revealed
  45. MOVED: 3 Queensland State MP's to attend Nambour Information Session (Updated 2.12.10)
  46. Translink Tracker Q1 2010/11 (July to September)
  47. Bottled water on the train
  48. Ministerial Statement: Queensland University graduates in demand
  49. When will CityTrain get a reasonable frequency?
  50. Question about overhead lines.....