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  1. Patronage growth has stopped - graph
  2. Queensland Rail Roadshow
  3. Article: 'I love you' on the Ipswich line
  4. The transportation-land use cycle, illustrated
  5. Qld's most important rail infrastructure project
  6. Northern Link tender announced
  7. Now 600 members
  8. 612 ABC Brisbane: Tim Fischer on the best train systems in the world
  9. Public transport in the spotlight
  10. MOVED: Premier has announced free train, bus and ferry travel
  11. Article: Commuters rail against train services on Twitter
  12. Yarabilba development - website
  13. Unofficial notices in trains
  14. Melbourne vs Brisbane - observations
  15. Article: Work on second Brisbane Airport runway to begin this year
  16. Article: Track to greater rail confidence
  17. What if public transport didn't exist (or was shutdown)?
  19. Video Footage and Story: Baby's pram filmed rolling onto train tracks
  20. Article: QRN investors shrug off Palmer sue threat
  21. TL: Stellar to operate TransLink call centre
  22. Congestion. Like ‘good’ cholesterol?
  23. Customers vs passengers
  24. RACQ opinions
  25. Transport network management and urban congestion in South East Queensland
  26. Second Brisbane CBD
  27. Article: Indooroopilly set for $450m overhaul
  28. Human Transit (Jarrett Walker) is mandatory reading
  29. Article: Brisbane CBD hubs to drive future of city living
  30. Toowoomba Range shut due to truck rollover
  31. Article: Bruce Highway most dangerous road in Australia
  32. Article: What about us?
  33. Article: Teen vanishes from Sandgate station
  34. Article: Queensland Rail campaign to cut down on injuries to commuters rushing
  35. Do you suffer from late train services ?
  36. Article: Teen graffiti artist killed by train in tunnel
  37. 'Car Rapid Transit' subsidies
  38. Article: Bus complaint rates revealed
  39. Tennis fans continue to ignore restrictions
  40. RAILBOT Jobs
  41. Some comparisons with Germany/Europe
  42. What would you miss?
  43. Article: Downer snubs locals on train deal
  44. Article: Train driver snaps over Roar fans' singing
  45. Article: Three children almost hit by Tilt Train in near miss
  46. Article: Gang of youths terrorise driver after stopping train on Gold Coast
  47. ARTICLE: Agents see townhouse sales spike in Ipswich
  48. Car Rapid Transit: MORE M1 upgrades (permanent upgrades)
  49. Public transport highlights and lowlights for 2011
  50. Carer squeezed out by parking meters