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  1. Ministerial Statement: 327 lives lost in 2008 ...
  2. Article: $130m subsidy for Brisbane-Cairns Traveltrain
  3. Premier Statement: Qld Seniors to share in national concession roll out: Bligh
  4. Eagle Junction - Doomben 20 years since electrification
  5. Ten Trip Saver tickets withdrawn from sale - from 4th August 2008
  6. A lazy Sunday afternoon - Ferny Grove trip courtesy of the Go card
  7. If you think Australian trains are crowded, have a look at this (Youtube link)
  8. What would you like for a transport sort of Christmas?
  9. Article: Lawrence Springborg rides crowded train, promises overhaul
  10. Article: Greens credit ALP defector with 2008 boost
  11. Article: Police offered $50,000 bribe over $3.80 train ticket
  12. Article: Brisbane parking labelled world's fifth most expensive
  13. Public transport arrangements for the International Tennis Centre
  14. Congestion, 1951!
  15. Ministerial Statement: Kenmore Bypass consultation extended
  16. Article: State Government ministers pile on the perks
  17. Article: AgForce pursues cattle transport solution
  18. Ministerial Statement: Catching public transport this festive season? Check ...
  19. Article: Brisbane's suburbs now bigger than Rome or Berlin
  20. Article: Historic station lights up
  21. QR Christmas Message
  22. Articles: Rail, road delays plague northside
  23. Article: Free transport idea doubt
  24. Article: Brisbane council tells QR to 'get serious' about graffiti
  25. Ministerial Statement: Twelve months of success for Brisbane Airport Task Force
  26. Article: Roads at Springfield Lakes, North Lakes too narrow for buses
  27. QR - Do what I say... Not what I do... New Policy!
  28. Recent problems on the Ipswich line - Any comments?
  30. Ministerial Statement: Plan for cameras to keep close eye on motorists ...
  31. Article: Springborg express
  32. Gibson Island Branch
  33. Ministerial Statement: Regional Plan says Go West
  34. Article: Hooks on train rip man's flesh
  35. Ministerial Statement: PLAN FOR CLIMATE CHANGE
  36. Deaths and Injury - Tilt train involved in crossing crash with a truck
  37. SM8262 running on the 5.13pm Central to Darra
  38. CBD Speed Reduction Proposal
  39. Article: Travel trend is catching
  41. Storm season
  42. Joint statement: Premier unveils two-for-one card for Queenslanders ...
  43. LNP announce some transport policies
  44. Article: Me too on free fares
  45. Article: Queensland Rail offers redundancy bonus
  46. 3800 class electric locos
  47. Article: West is worst for transport
  48. Improving train visiblility at level crossings
  49. Queensland Parliament: Question without notice 25 Nov 2008 - Citytrain Network
  50. Bus Driving Santa - Launch of strengthed NightLink Services