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Author Topic: 12 Dec 2009: SEQ: It is not to late to Go!  (Read 1210 times)

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12 Dec 2009: SEQ: It is not to late to Go!
« on: December 12, 2009, 04:49:07 AM »
Media Release 12 December 2009

SEQ:  It is not to late to Go!

RAIL Back On Track (http://backontrack.org) a web based community support group for rail and public transport and an advocate for public transport commuters has previously called for additional fare options for the Go Card (1).  The latest state to embrace smart card ticketing is Tasmania, with the Green card.  The fare structure for the Green card includes daily capping.  A feature missing from the go card fare structure (2).

Robert Dow, Spokesman for RAIL Back On Track said:

"The new fare structure to be introduced on 4th January 2010 will see very significant price rises in the cost of public transport for all users, particularly paper tickets. Go card fares will increase by 20% and paper up to 40% or so (3).  Each subsequent year will see a further 15% increase in fares. An off peak fare structure for the go card will be introduced from January and this is most welcome."

"There are significant efficiency gains that can be made with a high go card uptake.  Rather than force users to switch by the use of punitive fare costs for paper tickets, change the paradigm so that users want to switch."

"The introduction of a daily cap and periodical option to the go card would make it very attractive to all users.  They would be then much more willing to use the go card and learn the system."

"How is it that Tasmania can get their fare structure right, but Queensland is out of line with most other public transport smart card jurisdictions?"

"Unless there is a turnaround we expect a lot of commuter resistance to the new fare structure and forced use of go card."


1.   18 Oct 2009: SEQ: More ticketing options for go card needed   http://backontrack.org/mbs/index.php?topic=2890.0

2.   Greencard Daily Cap   http://www.metrotas.com.au/tickets-and-fares

3.   TransLink New fare structure   http://www.translink.com.au/fares2010.php


Robert Dow
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