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Delays on South East Busway - effective 3 September 2009

Delays on the South East Busway this morning are expected to clear by 9.30am.

The delays were caused by a bus which broke down at 8.12am in the busway tunnel between Southbank and the Cultural Centre station.

Buses are getting through one lane but there has been heavy congestion back to Buranda busway station and over the Victoria Bridge.
Affected timetables

No specific timetables are affected by this service change.


South East Busway delays - effective 16 September 2009 (last updated: 8.45am Wednesday)

Citybound bus commuters using the South East Busway will experience delays this morning due to a broken down bus on the Victoria Bridge.

Outbound bus commuters from the Queen Street bus station are not affected.

Couple of photos of the line up on Victoria Bridge

Photographs R Dow 16th September 2009

How do they deal with these things?

Isn't there a need for a rapidly responding bus tow truck if a breaks down on the SE busway, especially the inner portion.

... and another one this afternoon


Indeed ..


Inner Northern and South East Busway delays outbound from Brisbane city - effective 16 September 2009 (last updated: 5.02pm Wednesday)

Outbound bus commuters on the Inner Northern Busway and South East Busway may experience delays this afternoon due to an earlier accident involving a pedestrian at the Cultural Centre Busway Station.

Delays were experienced at Cultural Centre, South Bank, Woolloongabba, Mater Hill stations but buses are moving through Cultural Centre station again.

Outbound services from King George Square and Roma Street busway stations have also been affected which will delay services, including routes: 333, 385, 330, and 444.


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