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Author Topic: Article: Connex: 5000 passengers to miss out on trains every morning  (Read 1176 times)

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When Governments stand back from their real community service obligations, with shonky privatisation/franchise arrangements and a frank failure to properly resource, the effects mount.  Time to change to a system that works.  A Government that truely governs for the people ...

From the Herald Sun click here!

Connex: 5000 passengers to miss out on trains every morning

Connex: 5000 passengers to miss out on trains every morning
Article from: Herald Sun

Ashley Gardiner

March 05, 2009 12:00am

CONNEX admits thousands of commuters will be left stranded on platforms as it struggles to meet growing demand.

The rail operator expects more than 5000 passengers to be squeezed out every morning peak by 2011.

The astonishing projections were made in confidential Connex documents submitted to the Victorian Government.

Opposition transport spokesman Terry Mulder has warned the crumbling train system could damage Melbourne's reputation as an international city.

Worst affected will be the Sandringham line, where 1700 passengers are predicted to miss out each morning.

Connex estimates a total of 1100 passengers will fail to be accommodated on the Cranbourne-Pakenham and Hurstbridge lines.

On the Sydenham line, 900 passengers will miss out, while another 300 will be left stranded on the Upfield line.

Connex, though, may not be around in 2011, with the State Government soon to announce who will be operating metropolitan trains from the end of this year.

Hong Kong's MTR is competing against Connex and another French company, Keolis.

Mr Mulder said the documents showed rail passengers had more train pain ahead.

"This will start to have a profound negative impact on Melbourne's economy, as well as damaging our international reputation," Mr Mulder said.

Connex spokeswoman Lanie Harris said the business plan was submitted before the release of the Victorian Transport Plan.

A spokesman for Public Transport Minister Lynne Kosky said at least 14 new trains would be running by 2011. These would be able to carry an extra 14,000 people an hour during peak periods.

"Patronage on Melbourne's trains is growing at unprecedented rates," the spokesman said.
Half baked projects, have long term consequences ...
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