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24 Sep 2014: SEQ: Can we please see out of and into buses, trains and trams!

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Media release 24th September 2014

SEQ: Can we please see out of and into buses, trains, ferries and trams!

RAIL Back On Track ( a web based community support group for rail and public transport and an advocate for public transport passengers has said recent publicity concerning all over advertising wraps reducing passenger vision on trams, is also an issue on buses and trains in SEQ (1).

Robert Dow, Spokesman for RAIL Back On Track said:

"There has been an increasing use of all over advertising wraps on buses, trains for a number of years now.  The same has happened to the new trams on the Gold Coast. These advertising wraps usually cover windows and block clear vision."

"We have had feedback from the public and members that these wraps do make it difficult to see out of particularly at night and can make it difficult to know location, and also make it difficult to see into the vehicles at any time. In these troubled times this is not a good security outcome."

"The advertising revenue gained from these wraps could be maintained by more appropriate advertising placement. For example, on areas of the vehicles away from windows, internally and externally."

"We call for the removal of advertising wraps from window areas on all public transport vehicles, trains, buses and trams."




Robert Dow
RAIL Back On Track

Noosa councillors against excessive advertising on buses, and certainly not on Noosa's proposed electric buses.

I don't agree with the aversion to advertisment on public transport. There are signs and ads on buildings and the like already. Many wraps are one-way, that is you can't see in but you can see out.

Taking into consideration the multitude of other problems, this is a 'first world' problem.

If local councils don't want ads in their area, then they are free to raise revenue equal to that made by the transit agency from ad revenue and pay the agency to keep that space empty.

I don't have a problem with ads as such, just leave the windows alone!


Again, I think a blanket ban isn't appropriate. A bus with an all-over advertising wrap from front-to-back is a bad idea (like the ones seen on the Sunshine Coast) and quite frankly, has a high visual impact. If there is just advertising on the back windows or a small portion of the windows, I'm not as fussed - people who need to see out of the bus can move if they wish.

For trains, with onboard station announcements and bright station lighting, it really does not matter that much. Trams is half-and-half - I'd recommend just alternating advertising/no advertising carriages. Again, those who need to see outside can move.


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