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December 11, 2014, 09:38:26 AM by dancingmongoose in General Observations

I decided to try something different today. I caught my regular Springfield to Nambour departing Oxley at 8:07. But then I jumped off at Corinda and onto the 104 to Yeerongpilly. There was about half a dozen of us on the bus. We arrived at Yeerongpilly early having only stopped twice, a pick up on Graceville Ave and a drop off at Tennyson Station. It was annoying because we arrived just as a Bowen Hills train departed. My first thought was "Why can't we leave Corinda a few minutes earlier" but in fact we arrived 5 minutes early so that train should have been long gone. Interestingly, at 8:28 a dead runner went past platform 1 and then onto the Tennyson line. Presumably a Park Road terminator, but why does it even need to go to Park Road instead of terminating at Roma Street and then running through Milton? Then along came the 8:34 Ferny Grove train. At Dutton Park a grand total of 3 people got off the train. Don't close it they said... there were more people on the 104. Off at South Bank a few minutes later than normal, but then jumped straight onto a bus and arrived at Woolloongabba 1 minutes later than normal. I can see why people don't do this, because I had to make 3 transfers and not one was the same mode. I imagine if there was another island platform at Yeerongpilly and it was a train instead of a bus there would be more patronage because people aren't changing modes. Will be doing this again.

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