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December 11, 2014, 09:38:26 AM by dancingmongoose in General Observations

I decided to try something different today. I caught my regular Springfield to Nambour departing Oxley at 8:07. But then I jumped off at Corinda and onto the 104 to Yeerongpilly. There was about half a dozen of us on the bus. We arrived at Yeerongpilly early having only stopped twice, a pick up on Graceville Ave and a drop off at Tennyson Station. It was annoying because we arrived just as a Bowen Hills train departed. My first thought was "Why can't we leave Corinda a few minutes earlier" but in fact we arrived 5 minutes early so that train should have been long gone. Interestingly, at 8:28 a dead runner went past platform 1 and then onto the Tennyson line. Presumably a Park Road terminator, but why does it even need to go to Park Road instead of terminating at Roma Street and then running through Milton? Then along came the 8:34 Ferny Grove train. At Dutton Park a grand total of 3 people got off the train. Don't close it they said... there were more people on the 104. Off at South Bank a few minutes later than normal, but then jumped straight onto a bus and arrived at Woolloongabba 1 minutes later than normal. I can see why people don't do this, because I had to make 3 transfers and not one was the same mode. I imagine if there was another island platform at Yeerongpilly and it was a train instead of a bus there would be more patronage because people aren't changing modes. Will be doing this again.

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August 27, 2014, 10:29:03 AM by dancingmongoose in Fantasy Plans

New Toowoomba and surrounds railmap.

Hourly train Oakey - Wyreema
Connection at Gatton for every 539 railbus
Daily return to Wallangarra

First attempt at using Illustrator for maps, never used to like it but I think I'm getting the hang of it

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August 25, 2014, 11:45:15 PM by dancingmongoose in Fantasy Plans

New bridge or tunnel across the Brisbane River connecting Pinkenba balloon loop to Gibson Island. Tunnel would be more practical, but just imagine the views from a bridge!
Duplicated Pinkenba line, including fork from Toombul to Clayfield (will require resumptions)
Eagle Farm station rebuilt, new Bunour station at Holt Street, new Pinkenba station between Eagle Farm Rd and Randle Rd, potential new stations at Gibson Island and Lytton Road/Whiteside
Doomben services removed, replaced with a loop that runs from the city to Eagle Junction, Doomben, Pinkenba, across the river, and loops back along the Cleveland line back to the city.
Cleveland services run express Park Road to Murrarie.
Freight trains from the north could join onto the Pinkenba line at EJ and come across the river this way with only two stations to Fishermans Island instead of having to go through the Ekka/CBD and either over the Merrivale or through Tennyson. Limited services from Cleveland could travel via Pinkenba during peak hour to the CBD
Could probably require a third platform at Cleveland line stations along the dual gauge track

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August 25, 2014, 11:57:06 AM by dancingmongoose in Fantasy Plans

Springfield -> Kippa Ring - 4TPH via Central
Ipswich -> Caboolture - 4TPH via Exhibition running express from Darra to Petrie stopping at Indro, Milton, Exhibition, Eagle Junction and Northgate. Passengers for CBD need to change at Milton for a train from Springfield, Albion for any other line (preferred option) or Exhibition for an inbound Sunshine Coast service
Sunshine Coast - Services originating from CBD run Bowen Hills to Roma Street, Exhibition, then express to Caboolture stopping at Northgate and Petrie. Services originating from Springfield run via Exhibition as above, vice versa for inbound services.

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