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  1. Fremantle Line North Fremantle to Fremantle Closure
  2. Perth to launch tender for 50 suburban trains
  3. Article: Perth's rapidly growing population putting pressure on roads PT
  4. Libs Airport Line promise
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  7. PTA-WA Annual Report 2012/2013
  8. Major Train Disruptions and Changes July and August 2013
  9. Alannah MacTiernan talks about Perth's Mandurah Rail Line
  10. Transperth Fares Effective 1 July 2013
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  19. Superfantastic Network: Perth Edition
  20. 'Dumb', life-threatening train trip comes up short
  21. Article: Commuters flee Munster firebomb bus
  22. Article: Traffic chaos key to election
  23. More new railcars for Perth
  24. WAs first light rail network gets the green light
  25. Article: Footy fans will be on trains, buses
  26. Article: State grain rail network to be shut down
  27. Big weekend for Perth Station - Signficant Layout Changes wef 20 Aug 2012
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  29. Article: Rio Tinto automation contract confirmed
  30. Article: Carbon tax blamed for fare hike
  31. Article: MP urges rail spending over roads
  32. Article: Historic train rolls into Wagin
  33. Article: Downer EDI wins $73m Fortescue contract to build locomotives
  34. Butler-star Galactica
  35. Article: Perth rail system an example of integrated transport planning
  36. News: Light rail still years away from appearing on Perth streets
  37. Article: Lack of commitment leaves Perth open to population threat
  38. Article: One in four buses runs late
  39. Article: New bike paths and bus service to cut congestion
  40. QR, Atlas join forces to open Pilbara rail access
  41. Article: Free 4am weekend trains trial after Facebook campaign
  42. Transperth on-time running data
  43. Article: Campaign to 'stop Perth's sardine trains'
  44. Does Perth Plan to Grow its CBD Underground
  45. Article: Fremantle trains return to normal
  46. How to run a train system
  47. Article: Road chaos points up need for more trains
  48. Article: Trains moving again after electrical fire chaos
  49. Article: Fines reveal shortage of commuter car spaces
  50. Article: Downer wins $400m BHP Pilbara train deal