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  1. Articles: New public transport Minister
  2. Articles: Public Transport Minister Lynne Kosky quits
  3. Article: Glen Waverley line suspended
  4. Articles: temperature soars
  5. Article: Metro trains still late and continues to frustrate commuters
  6. Nunawading Springvale Rd Grade Seperation Project
  7. Unintegrated integrated public transport
  8. Article: Young fear attack on late-night trains
  9. Change of operators in Melbourne - articles and discussion
  11. Article: Teens arrested over train station blaze
  12. Article: Melbourne University forum to be told that cars must be abandoned ...
  13. Article: Trains go off line when soap runs out
  14. Article: Record numbers using trams and trains ...
  15. Article: RACV wins contract for bike hire scheme
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  17. Article: New rail service could be even worse
  18. Article: State Government yet to fix rail problems that caused chaos on 2008 ...
  19. Article: Opposition attacks fare freeze on Victorian public transport ...
  20. Melbourne new trains - video
  21. Article: Child incidents at rail stations 'surge'
  22. Article: City 'lost control' of train network
  23. Article: Bike riders' daily dice with death as people cycling to work ...
  24. Article: VLine chief promises better services
  25. Article: And Melbourne's traffic is getting worse
  26. Article: Sleepy commuters doing bit to save state $85m
  27. Article: Maintenance woes force rail speed limit cuts
  28. Article: Doyle backs all-night trams
  29. Article: Backing for free travel in city
  30. Article: Trains bursting at the seams
  31. Article: The good, the bad and the chronically late
  32. Article: Connex's little book reveals all about fare evaders
  33. Article: 'Scared as': teens thrown from seats in train derailment
  34. Article: Connex in compensation bid
  35. Article: Tram inspectors pushed to meet their quotas
  36. Article: Commuter attacks soar in Victoria
  37. Article: Under-city rail plan to cut Melbourne congestion
  38. Article: Premier's staffer tried to claim $167 transport fine
  39. Article: Urban growth to cost $11bn
  40. Article: Connex cops $5m fine five months before operator changeover
  41. Article: Freeways no magic time-saving bullet
  42. Article: They're driving us mad
  43. Article: New operators promise a smoother ride in time for summer
  44. Article: Crime rates on Victoria's public transport has fallen
  45. Article: First of new trains arrives in Melbourne
  46. Article: Driver system upgrade running months behind schedule
  47. Article: Veolia out of steam on train contract, pushes for bikes
  48. Article: Councillor Ken Ong breaks ransk to slam council, government
  49. Article: Commuters starting to cram Melbourne trams
  50. Article: Connex left trains out of the Loop