The go card for Seniors in SEQ has a two paid journey daily cap. What this means is that after a Senior has completed two paid journeys on a go card they can then travel free. This is a very inequitable fare structure for Seniors compared to simple flat fares that are commonplace elsewhere. Complicating this is the fact that a journey on the go card has to be separated by one hour (or a 4th transfer with in time limits). It is inequitable as those who are well served by public transport, eg. inner Brisbane can easily get two paid journeys completed by going for a one stop bus ride. Waiting a hour and repeating. Those who have not quite the luxury of frequency have to be a bit more inventive.

One way of securing two paid journeys quickly on a longish journey is to use a secondary concession go card to break a journey up into three legs or trips. Use the primary go card for first trip, touch off. Use the secondary go card for the intermediate trip. Then complete the journey using the primary go card. The go card system only sees transfers from same or adjacent zones. Just ensure the intermediate trip results in a two zone difference between touching off with primary go and this overrides the one hour transfer limit and initiates a new journey.

Here is a recent example on a journey to Cooroy from Goodna and return.

This is the plan.
So I touch on at Goodna, touch off at Darra with my primary go card.

Touch on at Darra with a secondary go card.

Touch off at Milton. Check out progress with the TOD.

Touch back on at Milton with primary go card, touch off at Roma St. Have breakfast. Two paid journeys completed. Wait an hour.

Travel free for the rest of the day. Yes folks, that is the two journey cap in action ... crazy hey?

Go card history primary card:

06 Jun 2014

06:30 AM Goodna 06:44 AM Darra $ 2.07 $ 4.76

07:00 AM Auto top up ( Milton ) $ 40.00 $ 0.00

07:00 AM Milton 07:23 AM Roma Street $ 1.77 $ 42.99

08:48 AM Roma Street 12:00 PM Cooroy $ 0.00 $ 42.99

01:39 PM Cooroy 04:56 PM Goodna $ 0.00 $ 42.99

Cooroy is zone 22

Normal concession fares: Goodna to Cooroy - peak $10.71, return off peak $8.57 = $19.28

Using two go cards:

Fares coming in: $2.07 + $1.77 (primary go card) + $2.46 (secondary go card) = $6.30

So direct saving of $12.98 (67%) also any further travel is free as well.

Go forth and save!

For interest a snap shot of Seniors fares around the nation


Seniors SmartRider gives you free travel on all Transperth services between 9.00am and 3.30pm Monday to Friday, all day Saturday and Sunday, and on public holidays concession fares at other times


Travel free with a Seniors card

The South Australian Seniors Card also serves as a Seniors metrocard, providing card holder’s public transport fare concessions, and free travel on all Adelaide Metro public transport services; Weekdays before 7:01am, between 9.01am to 3:00pm and after 7:00pm All day Saturday, Sunday and public holidays


Seniors daily cap* $3.90

  • Seniors Daily cap - Seniors myki cardholders never pay more than $3.90 for unlimited travel in Zones 1 and 2. They also receive free travel on Saturdays and Sundays for trips entirely within one or two consecutive zones (including within Zones 1 and 2) and on regional town bus services.


A Pensioner Excursion Ticket (PET) gives you unlimited all-day travel for $2.50.


Day Tripper: unlimited urban travel after 9.00am. $2.90


Seniors Card +go, senior go card or green pensioner concession go card holders who use go card for two paid journeys in one day travel free for the rest of the day.